Emma Bull has written another very good story. In Territory, Emma writes about friendship, being a woman in a world that appears to belong to men, loyalty and the abuse of loyalty, magic, and becoming a writer. The book is also about accepting and using all our powers, even if doing so breaks our conceptions of who we are and how the world is.

Emma has written on the bio page she shares with her husband, Will Shetterly, at The Endicott Studio website, about using all our powers to create our lives, ourselves, and our world:

Creativity isn’t some rare quality reserved for anointed artists; it’s what humans do, every day, all the time. Interstitial art slips past the boundaries that we’ve placed between ourselves and art. It dismantles the rules and assumptions that keep us from seeing our lives as a series of creative acts. By doing so, it opens the possibility that, by making things consciously, lovingly, and with our whole selves, we can change the world.