I am the Master of my fate;
I am the Captain of my soul.

Risk taker;

Helped his wife
grow from tentative young lady
to powerful, self-confident woman.

Pours out love
to his children;
does his duty no matter what.

Regular as sunrise.

King of his life.

Makes decisions:
with his life-long love and
in solitude and silence.
Carries them through,

family, friends,
colleagues of every position
the flowers and the fruits thereof.
Teacher, Mentor to every Telemachos;
loyal friend.

Formed filled with pietas:
filial, marital, paternal, patriotic.

Knowing every person with full acceptance.
Body, emotion, intellect, and kindness
serve intuition.

Mind most orderly
yet interlaced with fantasy and humor.

Lover of Nature,
he found her beneath stones of New York City

as in tree and field.


transformed painful disease
into poetry
accepting a teacher’s gift.

Learning from every moment,
He transformed disaster into opportunity.

Steadfast, the nerdy-looking athlete-poet
married the most beautiful girl in the world.

Boy-man who always knew what he wanted
was ready to pay the price.

Generous man
hard to say no.

So much to say;
hard to say it.

Full of wisdom;
fewer words as life goes on.

Lover of poetry;


All of one piece
the same to everyone.

Struggle for integrity
against drive for perfection.

profound kindness
wise teacher of those who would listen.

Always to be able
to look self in eyes in the mirror
straight into the eyes
of every other person’s self.

World-saving generation
Sadness grows
as world repeats all mistakes
beloved country
sinks beneath waves of arrogance and false pride
while talking humility.

Knight of integrity,

Appreciator of beauty
self-taught connoisseur
always learning
beauty in new forms.

World-wide view,
as if from a great height,
feet on the ground.

Anxiety and performance.
Envision, plan, and execute.

King, giver
of blessing.

Music love
human voice,

Lover of grandchildren
Noble Patriarch